AB Exponytts General Terms for hosting (internet) services;


§ 1.1 Contractual Relationship

This Agreement governs the rights and obligations of the supplier of Web hosting service, Website Center / Expo Web Hosting, hereinafter Homepage Center / Expo Web, as well as the recipient of the service, the customer. Customer shall be competent natural person or legal entity. For a non-competent natural person is his or her legal responsibility. The agreement between the partners continue indefinitely, with the agreed terms.

§ 1.2 Notices to Customer

When ordering, e-mail address listed, Home Centre / Expo Web works primarily with all communications via e-mail. Customer is responsible for notifying Homepage Center / Expo Web of change of email address.


§ 2.1 Binding order

The order is binding from the date of order. Agreement shall be deemed to have been reached in that Home Center / Expo Web records of Customers ordering the subscription starts the day access to the purchased service is sent to the customer.

§ 2.2 Decline to contract with the Customer

Homepage Center / Expo Web reserves the right to refuse to contract with the customer after the credit check or in the case of the Customer prior relationship with Home Center / Expo Web not followed the agreed terms of service.

§ 2.3 Contract Period

The agreement runs annually. The customer automatically receives request for renewal via email. Customers have the option to deny the extension and terminate the account.

§ 2.4 Termination

Web Hosting Service may at any time be terminated by the customer, the remaining prepaid expense is not refundable. This Agreement may be terminated by both parties. For disturbances may charge refunded if the customer has been greatly affected by the outage and a time longer than 5% of the total contract period.

§ 2.5 Right of withdrawal

Under the Distance Contracts owns the customer right within thirty (30) days cancel the purchase and regain prepaid sum. This applies to all our services, excluding possible. domain costs, approved order confirmation agreements and administrative fees. Repayment shall be Customer no later than ten (30) days after the withdrawal utilized.


§ 3.1 Fee

All fees are as per price list excluding value added tax (VAT), unless otherwise indicated.

§ 3.2 Payment

Payment for the service is done annually and paid in advance by invoice, unless otherwise agreed. Web hosting service is activated by the Home Centre / Expo Web within twenty-four (24) hours, ordered domain activated / registered only after payment has been received from a customer. A domain registrar can take several days. A customer who does not want to risk missing out on any domain, register it on their own. To speed up a domain registration Customer can email the proof of payment. When ordering web hosting gives Homepage Customer Center / Expo Web proxy to register any domain in his name. Registration is done via Domain Site and the customer owns and administers then their domain on their own via the respective registrar. Payment terms are five days unless otherwise agreed. Customer does not pay on time, suspended the account without warning or reminder within 30 days. Then deleted the account.

§ 03.03 Temporary Price / Promotional Pricing

Temporary promotional prices, or the like will not affect current contracts.

§ 3.4 Notification of improper invoice

Customer shall, within a reasonable time notify Homepage Center / Expo Web if an invoice is considered incorrect. If this does not expire Customer's right to object to the invoice. With a reasonable time meant a maximum of ten (10) days.

§ 3.5 Notification of change of person / address details, email address or telephone number,

Customer shall promptly inform the Website Center / Expo Web if possible. changes in personal / address details, email address, or telephone number.

§ 4. Website Centrum / Expo Webb (AB Exponytts) LIABILITY

§ 4.1 General

Homepage Center / Expo Online is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the customer's material published on the web hosting service. Homepage Center / Expo Web can not be held liable for direct or indirect damages and economic losses. Homepage Center / Expo Online is not responsible for errors in software, which is distributed with the service but not developed by Website Centre / Expo Web. Homepage Center / Expo Web is not liable for infringement made on Homepage Centre's / Expo Web's resources and usurps access and / or destroy / alter information. Homepage Center / Expo Online is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by customers' accounts suspended. Homepage Center / Expo Online is not responsible for Customer overloading the server. Homepage Center / Expo Web servers are located in Sweden and the US.

§ 4.2 Free support

Homepage Center / Expo Web provides free support via e-mail as long as the contract is for the service. Support is limited to the functionality of the service.

§ 4.3 Outage

Any interruption in the operation remedied promptly after the service request. Error report shall describe in detail the error along with a schedule, and shall include customer number and phone customer can be reached at. Buyer should be aware that at times can Internet disruptions occur which may lead to difficulties in accessing services. Maintenance service shall not be considered as downtime. Homepage Center / Expo Web can not be held responsible if a customer is overloading the server with simultaneous processes. Customer must not overwhelm the server CPU.

§ 4.4 Personal Data

Personal information submitted to Swebhost will be processed to the extent necessary to provide services. Personal information is treated as confidential and will not be passed to other companies for marketing purposes, some processing of personal data may be made by other agencies, such as the credit report. Customer will receive information about credit reporting requirements of the post.

§ 4.5 Domain Registration / -renewal

Homepage Center / Expo Web can not be held responsible for domain registration as a result of external events can not be completed. Homepage Center / Expo Web registering domains only after payment has been received. A payment may take a few days to confirm. The customer is responsible for the renewal fee and that the domain is renewed every year, which takes place through the Website Center / Expo Web, Tucows, Open SRS, Enom or other domain registrars and support@hemsidacentrum.se.

§ 4.6 Computer Security

Swebhost can not be held responsible for any loss of data or e-mail due to software or hardware failure, intrusion, suspension, or other error. Customer is responsible to always create and provide their own backup of files and databases.


§ 5.1 Materials and action

Customer is responsible for all traded Customer carries through, the Services. Customer is responsible therefore also for all materials that Customer provides web hosting service. With materials provided both text, image, video, and links to other locations on the Internet.

§ 5.1 Scripts

Customers have access to the use of scripts, for example, designed in PERL or PHP. In cases where the script involves abnormally large load on the Website Centre's / Expo Web's equipment or deemed to have security risk Homepage Center / Expo Web right to remove that and thereafter notify the Customer.

§ 5.2 Permits

Customer is responsible for any permits required to distribute, receive or store information.

§ 5.3 Username and password

The customer is fully responsible for user names and passwords stored in such a way that unauthorized persons can access these or other unauthorized access to their services.

§ 5.4 Other people using the service

Customer is responsible for employees or other persons who have had the opportunity to use the service. When it comes to Customer's knowledge that any of Customer's employees or other breach of contractual agreement, the Customer shall immediately make a correction and inform Homepage Center / Expo Web about the incident.


§ 6.1 Improper use of subscription

Homepage Center / Expo Web reserves the right to freedom of examination of the rules below. Homepage Center / Expo Web right to immediately terminate the hosting service and cancel the contract, without any repayment obligation of the Customer's prepaid fees if it can be shown that the Customer used the web hosting service inappropriately. Unduly are:

§ 6.1.1 Dissemination of information that may be deemed illegal (for example, information that can be seen as child pornography), and to commit unlawful acts, to invite or allow another to commit unlawful acts, via the Internet or in an interconnected network.

§ 6.1.2 Marketing through email (known as spamming) if the recipient is not in its prior consent thereto or requesting the information.

§ 6.1.3 Use of the Website Centre's / Expo Webb's e-mail server for large mailings by e-mail (for example, where the same or similar message sent to more than one recipient), without separate agreement on this was reached.

§ 6.1.4 Behaviour which led to considerable inconvenience incurred Homepage Center / Expo Web, Website Centre's / Expo Webb's system, other customers or the Internet, and thus interconnected systems. Any attempt to undermine or damage the Website Centre's / Expo Web's equipment is strictly prohibited.

§ 6.1.5 When the Customer unauthorized attempts to access an account or computer resource not belonging to Customer.

§ 6.1.6 intentionally somehow obtain or attempt to obtain access to a service without payment.

§ 6.1.7 To somehow unauthorized accessing, altering, destroying or trying accessing, altering or destroying any information on the Website Centre's / Expo Web's equipment that does not belong to the Customer.

§ 6.1.8 The Customer sells the Customer's account / subscription or any part of it to an external person, organization or company, without the separate agreement on this was reached.

§ 6.1.9 To be absent with pay. If so suspended account without warning or reminder within 30 days. Then deleted the account.

§ 6.2 Usage that can affect other customers and / or Website Center / Expo Web. Homepage Center / Expo Webb is entitled to close the Customer's web hosting account if customer used it in such a way that the Website Centre's / Expo Webb's other customers and / or Website Center / Expo Web can suffer in a negative way, even if the client is not guilty of criminal act or breach of conditions clause on abuse of subscription. In case this happens, we will refund Homepage Center / Expo Web to the client possibly already paid the monthly charges for the remainder of the contract period. Refunds will not be of any paid fee domain then the domain name can be used by customer after contract period.

§ 6.2.1. The customer is overloading the server with simultaneous processes.

§ 6.2.2. The customer is overloading the server's CPU.

§ 6.3 Liability for contracts interruptions;

Customer cautioned that the breach may cause liability, which means that Home Center / Expo Web may charge Customer for costs which have arisen in connection with the actions caused by the Customer's misuse of the service.

§ 6.4 Customer's right to exploit the service agreement;

If the contract is terminated also ends any right of Customer to avail the services. Homepage Center / Expo Web've written notice right to delete all data on the Customer Website Centre's / Expo Web's equipment (such as website and e-mail).

§ 7. Complaints

The customer may invoke the error in service only if the customer leaves Homepage Center / Expo Web message on the error (complaint) within a reasonable time after he discovered or should have discovered the fault.

§ 8. Force Majeure

Homepage Center / Expo Online is not responsible for any inconvenience, damage or loss due to circumstances beyond Homepage Center / Expo Web control or Homepage Center / Expo Webb could not reasonably control or predict. Liberating factor should be legal enactment, government action, war, strikes, lockouts, boycotts, blockades, civil disturbances, restrictions on energy supply, labor disturbances, prohibition, restrektioner, lost condition, accident, adverse transport or weather conditions or failed deliveries from subcontractors or other similar circumstances .


Homepage Center / Expo Web right to immediately implement changes to the service or charges for the service which is directly attributable to a change in taxes, state taxes, laws, or other similar circumstances beyond Homepage Centre's / Expo Web's control which directly affects the service and / or its fees. For major changes to the Services Website Center / Expo Web deem essential to the detriment of the customer, or by raising the subscription fee, the customer is informed in an appropriate manner at least thirty (30) days before the change takes effect. The customer then has the right to terminate the agreement. This does not apply if the customer prepaid a session fee for a full year. The current price increase will come into effect only when Customer extends agreement.


If the customer is a registered dealer of Home Center / Expo Web, and has sold the Website Centre's / Expo Web's web hosting service, it is Customer's responsibility to ensure that this agreement is followed by its customers and that they are informed of the current contract term. Customer is responsible to Homepage Center / Expo Web for their customers' shopping and get myself to have contracts with their customers that contain these terms.


This condition is valid until further notice. It is the responsibility of Customer to take part in terms of engagement which are available on the website and can be obtained on request from the Home Center / Expo Web. Homepage Center / Expo Webb (AB Expo New) reserves the right at any time to change the terms of the agreement. New contract terms shall be deemed accepted by the Customer thirty (30) days after publication of the website.


Agreements and related services may not be transferred to another party without written permission from AB Expo New (Home Center / Expo Web).


Disputes regarding the application or interpretation of this Agreement and related legal relationship shall primarily be resolved through negotiations between the parties can not agree, the court shall determine the matter. On the Agreement shall apply Swedish law.