WebpageCenter (ExpoWebb) started the web services in 2012 and today offers Websites / Webshops, Domain, Web Hosting, Logo, Banner, mailings and other Web services at the lowest prices. We have companies and individuals as customers.

Our Services:
* Installing of Website: Where you can expose your business, organization, or your ideas.
* Installing of WebShop: Where you can sell on an e-commerce website in a few days.
* Offering Website and Domain Hosting with c-panel, daily backups and etc.
* Administrative Assistance: We can help to start a business for you.
* Do dropship supplier: How to Start a webshop without investing on the stock.
* Accounting assistance: administrative, accounting and declaration.
* Search engine optimization on Google: Google is the Internet's largest marketing channel.
* Support: We offer a warranty on our work and our Teknichal support are on duty 24/7.
* Internet Protection: Provides protection from malicious Internet attacks for your website.
* Development: We work on developing platforms for websites.

Website / Webshop:
Webshop package that we sell are complete and may also inkludludera dropship supplier that you should be able to start an online shop and sell on the internet without having any inventory.
Our Webbshopaket includes the following:
- 1 year Web Hosting & Domain (worth about 699 kr.).
- Simple CMS tool, that ye may be able to update the website.
- Responsive design adapts between computers, smartphones and plates.
- 2-5 hours Training to you updating of the website.
- Phone and email support for 2 weeks and then Mail support to on.
- Many categories and subcategories and unlimited number of products.
- Choice of different languages ​​and currencies.
- Many attributes of sizes, colors and so on.
- Favicon small icon in the browser
- Unlimited number of email addresses.
- Email hantring systems.
- Downloadable Products cinema, music, files, documents etc.
- Gift wrapping Communication & gift paper.
- VAT and tax management.
- Customer / order management.
- Registered Customer accounts.
- Guest accounts for once purchasers.
- Users, employees and reseller accounts.
- Supplier settings.
- Delivery settings for the price, weight and size settings.
- Inventory management with total control over the number of products in stock.
- Code or coupon management program that reward your customers' purchases.
- Newsletters registration and to send newsletters to your customers.
- Accessories Sales Module.
- Bestsellers module
- Related Products
- Customer account to Wishlist etc.
- Tell a friend about this product.
- Share in Facebook.
- Product reviews.
- Statistics module that allows the you to examine your customers, visitors.
- 3 pcs slideshow images (the customer).
- Design a logo with three proposals and editing.
- A Facebook page
- Invoice Module
- Bank transfer module by partners
- PayPal, Visa & MasterCard integration
- Integration Klarna
- Integration SveaWebPay
- Integration Payson
- Integration Payer
- Google Sitemap.
- SEO optimization tools to install each product.
- Google Adwords to advertise on Google, Inc. 700 SEK. Google Adwords coupon

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Web Hosting:

Online hotel has expanded its activities several times. Today used the Dual Quad Core Xeon servers with 8 CPUs and with the market's highest performance. The servers are located in Sweden and USA.

WebpageCentre's objective is to always offer as quick solutions to the largest and most costly products and services to market lower prices in Sweden. Homepage Centre has no hidden charges, which certainly makes it one of the cheapest web site suppliers.
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Company information:
Box 655
131 22 Nacka / Sweden
Holder of F-tax.
VAT Registration Number: SE556654850801
The company is registered since 2004.